I was in a tough spot to finalize my Master’s project after four years of absence from higher education with only three months to finish or the project/degree was terminated. I found Adam through the writing assistance program at Oregon State University. I highly recommend Adam if you’re struggling with any aspect of writing.
Upon initial contact, Adam immediately agreed to help me and began responding to drafts that very evening. He provided in-document notation of specific sentences and paragraphs which were helpful. He also shared general writing improvement tips and concepts which helped my project writing going forward. Adam’s assistance was absolutely essential in my successful completion of my Master’s degree. He was quite affordable and he was very clear about his rates and billing. As a side note, he used Paypal which made the one-time final payment a breeze.
If you need help with any phase of writing, do not hesitate to contact Adam. He is so much more valuable than his hourly rate.

-Will (masters candidate)

If you need any sort of academic writing consultation, Adam is definitely the right person. He not only has the academic knowledge to elevate your personal writing, but also cares about you in the process. To emphasize, I reached out to Adam because I needed some consultation on my personal statement for graduate school. I have never written one and was extremely nervous to provide my first draft to him. However, my nervousness was completely gone after I received my first feedback from him. His feedback was tremendously helpful, insightful, constructive, and detailed with numerous notes and suggestions on how I could improve my writing, but also provided personal reassurance that we are on the right track. I was extremely glad about that and we worked together as a team to reach the best possible outcome. I could always reach out to him with questions and he was quick and honest with his responses. I was especially impressed with his effort to learn more about the program and University I was applying to in order to help me write a better personal statement. I can highly recommend Adam and will seek him out again if I need help with my academic writing.

-Michael (graduate program applicant)

I sent Adam an article I wasn’t feeling particularly confident about but that I thought had potential. Adam provided me with supportive, insightful feedback—he highlighted the positives in the essay, and his background as a Ph.D. made me trust his sense that the essay’s intervention was worthy of publication. His suggestions for editing were clear: Adam pointed out some close readings that could be expanded, times when the focus wandered, and places where the essay’s momentum got lost in squabbles with other critics. He indicated both discrete issues to address and global ones that ran throughout the essay’s 36 pages. After having received the feedback, I feel I’ll only need a day or two of work to get the article ready to send out.

-Jeff (tenure-line faculty)

After my defense, my committee required me to seek an editor. I found Adam after vetting several other academic editors who I was not impressed with. Adam charged a reasonable rate and finished my thesis in half the time the other editors quoted. He was very open, honest, and communicative throughout the whole process. I liked that he used track changes to make edits and would leave comments about why he was making those changes. He would also leave comments with suggestions rather than just making changes. I feel like I learned how to be a better writer with his helpful insight and edits. I would definitely hire him again should I ever need to work with another editor.

-Katy (masters candidate)