I earned my PhD in English from Pennsylvania State University in 2012. My research and teaching have focused on contemporary American fiction, film, television, and graphic narrative. In addition to a decade of writing and rhetoric classes, I have taught courses on science fiction, comics, contemporary American fiction, postmodern historical narrative, surveillance culture, fictional worldness, and drones. My dissertation project, The Parallax Present: Speculation, History, and the Contemporary, examined overlaps and bleed-throughs between imagined pasts and futures in contemporary fiction and film.

Since 2017, I have worked at Oregon State University’s Graduate Writing Center as a graduate writing consultant, supporting graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and faculty in a host of academic and professional communication contexts and helping them through the considerable gauntlets of graduate education and professional development. Over the course of 2000+ individual writing consultations, as well as workshops and doctoral writing groups, I have encountered a vast array of genres, methods, styles, research paradigms, and disciplinary frameworks. Whatever the context, I work to help writers define and articulate the value and contribution of their work in ways that are compelling to academic, professional, and institutional audiences.