Adam Haley, PhD

CONFERENCE TALK: Life in (Un)Death: In the Flesh, the Medicated Undead, and the Limits of the Biopolitical

What happens when the zombie itself becomes subject to the very regime for which it has been such an indispensable rhetorical figure? What happens when the rhetoric of zombification and the control measures it makes indispensable fold back in on themselves, in the form of biopolitical regulation of zombiedom itself?

CONFERENCE TALK: The Futures of Work and Self: Fluid Humanity and Laboring Identities in Contemporary Science Fiction

The danger of the demands for fluid laboring identities, voiced by and within austerity regimes, is not that they might lead to catastrophic digital technologies of control and domination. It’s that those demands are themselves but the latest release of much older technologies, technologies that have proven terrifyingly apt at constraining selves, dictating labor, and coding identity as just another practice of profit and accumulation.

CONFERENCE TALK: Viral Modernity: Accumulation, Transmission, and the Shape of the World

What theoretical work can the virus—indeterminately living and non, analog and digital, natural and manmade, corporeal and virtual—do to articulate and clarify the constitutive paradoxes of postmodernity, neoliberalism, and global finance capitalism?