Adam Haley, PhD

ARTICLE PROJECT: Theorizing the Self within Self-Care: Academic Identity Formation and Graduate (Writing) Support

A theory and practice of graduate (writing) support grounded in social identity/self-determination theory, situating writing within the rhetorical community of genre/discipline, and motivated by validation theory allows writing consultants to engage scholarly writing as itself a highly fraught medium for the development, performance, and articulation of identity—and, thus, an urgent and powerful site for self-care.

ARTICLE: Traveling Through Corporate Time: Inevitability and (Anti-)Corporate Narrative Form

Insofar as futurity continues to take on increasing significance as an object of rhetorical struggle, economic investment, and political imagination, its ongoing restructuring by corporate entities assumes great urgency. But the corporation’s influence on the structures of future-thinking goes beyond real-world corporate ownership of cultural production and distribution venues; it has to do, rather, with the corporation’s own narrative machinery, the ramifications that that machinery has outside of the corporate assemblage, and the way that machinery interfaces across legal, political, economic, and cultural registers.