You will be responsible for a minimum of five tweets a week that engage in some way with the course readings or with aspects of the class conversation. You need to start a Twitter account (if you have one, ensure that it is public, not locked) and send me an email identifying what your Twitter name is. Append our course hashtag (#ENGL136) to each tweet so your classmates and I can see it. Respond to others by using the @ symbol (e.g., @noendofneon). Ideally, a remark will come to you as you read for each class session, so keep your phone or computer handy if possible. You’re also not only welcome but encouraged to tweet during class; most days, I’ll have the feed displayed up on the screen. In general, it may be best to think of your tweets as reactions rather than responses; they don’t need to be as composed or considered as the ANGEL forum posts. I suggest that two of your weekly tweets respond to other users’ tweets on our hashtag. I will be posting questions and comments as well, off and on. (More on than off, in all likelihood.)

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