Adam Haley, PhD

LEAP/ENGL 15: Composing Across Media

This course will argue that writing does not exist—and never has existed—in a vacuum, that it is constantly influenced by (and influencing!) other modes of communication, expression, and thought in other genres, contexts, and media forms.

LEAP/ENGL 15: Photography and Writing

As Andre Agassi and Canon told us in 1990, image is everything.

ENGL 15: Image and Rhetoric

How does persuasive writing conjure images in its audience’s heads, and how do those images embody or enable the act of persuasion? And: why are images so powerful in human culture, to the point that we go to war for flags, threaten violence over cartoons, and regulate or outright censor various kinds of visual depictions? What makes the image so potent, and how might it help us understand rhetoric more broadly?

ENGL 30: Writing the Future

This course will focus on the persuasive and philosophical uses of the future, and on the importance of implicit and explicit claims about the future to so many rhetorical acts. Taking as its thematic content various fictional and nonfictional imaginings of the future—some explicitly argumentative, some less so—we will investigate how visions of the future function rhetorically and how they constitute arguments about and calls to action in the present.